Darrell Wanamaker
(313) 744-6358

Darrell administers the overall goals, policy, workflow, and projects for the multimedia and technology departments. This includes the design, development, and support of web-based initiatives, video needs, marketing initiatives, pupil accounting, and technology services. He is also responsible for aligning multimedia technology services into a unified, formal structure and provide supervision, leadership, implementation, and strategic planning for these services.

Darrell's twenty-plus year career in Instructional Technology and Web Application Development has encompassed a diverse set of experiences, from hands-on technology development and implementation to project management and administration for Wayne County and statewide school systems. During this time he has successfully completed many large-scale technology initiatives, including the acquisition, logistics, and implementation of distance learning technology packages for Detroit Public Schools, enterprise-level technology deployment for Wayne County schools, and development of statewide government streaming video systems for Michigan REMC Association and the Michigan Department of Education.